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Rappahannock County Branding

Rappahannock County had no tourism branding so The Businesses of Rappahannock approached us to help them identify and solve their problems around attracting visitors and then create branding to represent the county.


Branding Strategy, Identity, Website  & Print


Businesses of Rappahannock



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Rappahannock County was often confused with the Northern Neck area of the state where the Rappahannock River meets the Chesapeake Bay. Those that did know where the county is located usually thought of it as a gateway to the Shenandoah National Park. Unaware of all that the county has to offer, people were used to driving right through it on their way to other destinations.

We worked with the stakeholders to identify the main problems and create branding to address them. We incorporated the quaint towns, the mountain views, and expansive night skies into the new logo. As you head to the county on scenic route 211 there is a feeling you get when you crest the hill and take in the view before you. The new logo and tagline incorporate that feeling.

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Brand Elements

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We wanted to create a logo that was extendable because a tourism brand needs to be flexible. We created street banner options, posters, hats, and mocked up other revenue producing ideas like enamel pins for future use.

Something unique to the county is it's designation as 

an International Dark Sky Park, the first in Virginia. We wanted to highlight that distinction so we created some branding around the designation that still ties in to the main identity. We've also worked with stakeholders in coming up with ideas on ways that businesses and non-profits can work together to leverage this unique feature.

Website Design

Like the identity we designed, we wanted a website that could also expand over time. We included a complete listing of businesses, an event calendar, and pre-planned and themed itineraries to show visitors just how much there is to do in the county.