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Ravish Soap Co.

This side-hustle start-up wanted to hit the market with branding and packaging that established them right out of the gate. With big plans for the future we needed to plan ahead and create a brand with a system that would allow for easy expansion.


Brand Identity, Packaging, Collateral


Ravish Soap Co.



soap ladies_web.jpg

The brand owner knew she wanted to be a fun brand with a pop art feel. She's a writer by trade so we had great copy and fun product names to work with. Of course, we've sampled the products and they are all amazing (which also makes for fun work!).

She's already expanded into the home market with plans for a mens line to come in the near future and we are here for it.

ravish orange peppermint copy 2_edited_edited_edited.png

Expanding the brand.

The first expansion into the Home line of products is now available. Our pre-planning in the initial design phase meant we were able to extend the design into this new category with ease. It's so important, whether you are a start-up or established brand, to think ahead in the early design phases. 

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